4 Ways To Stay Healthier in the Workplace

Who doesn’t want to be healthy? Maintaining great health is beneficial for yourself and your family. Being healthy increases productivity and lowers yours stress. Staying healthy also benefits you financially by decreasing health care costs and high health insurance premiums.

However, staying healthy while at work can be a challenge for many. Working with people in close quarters can cause germs to spread; it’s also difficult to maintain healthy habits while being tempted with happy hours or office treats. We have compiled a few tips to help maintain great health in the workplace:

Eat sensibly and drink water.

Do not start your day with a sugary treat that will spike your blood sugar and then make you crash later in the day. Instead, start with a nutritious breakfast that will energize you throughout the morning and keep you full until lunch. Options include overnight oats, fruit with nut butter or an Rx bar if you’re on the go.

Avoid an afternoon crash by eating sensibly. Packing your lunch can help you resist buying unhealthy food and is a mindless choice when you are hungry and in a rush. Worried about afternoon hunger pains? Always keep healthy alternatives at your desk, such as cashews or fruit, so you do not give into temptations.

Water is just as important as healthy food choices as dehydration can cause ill effects such as drowsiness or moodiness. Make sure to drink at least 8 ounces per day. Keeping a water bottle at your desk and refilling multiple times a day can help you remember to drink throughout the day.

Take breaks and walk around

Taking breaks throughout the work day is beneficial both mentally and physically. To ensure that you take breaks, set timers and treat yourself to a 5-15 minute stroll outside. This will clear your mind and make you more productive. Moving will also prevent neck, back and joint pain.

Make your desk something you are proud of

Having an organized and clean workplace can also help you stay healthy. With flu and cold season still grinding on, keep hand sanitizer and sanitation wipes at your desk. Make sure to take five minutes at the end of each day to tidy-up and wipe down your area.

Personalizing your workspace can also make you happier, as our environment can have a dramatic impact on your mental health. Add a few personal items such as pictures or a plant.

Manage stress properly

There is a direct correlation between stress levels and health, which is why this tip is our most important takeaway. Learn how you prefer to destress and take time each day to do so. This can be small thing throughout the day such as meditation, breathing exercises or desk yoga. Or it can be longer activities such as doing a pilates class, chatting with friends or spending time with your children.

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