Are you prepared for flood season?

We are no strangers to rain or flooding in the Pittsburgh area. Some areas are prone to flooding but sometimes circumstances are such that unexpected flooding occurs. Below are tips that can help you prepare:

  • Create an emergency plan and communicate the plan with your family. Be prepared to evacuate and know your routes and destinations.
  • Have an emergency preparedness kit
  • Know where to turn of the water, gas and electricity in your home. Clearly mark these areas so others know how to turn them off too.
  • Store important documents (insurance, deeds, ID) in a waterproof case.
  • Do you have flood coverage? Call us to learn what is covered and how to obtain coverage.
  • Prevent water from getting into your house by having a steady upkeep. Examine areas that need work, caulk cracks, and replace floor tiles as needed.
  • Listen to the news for updates on the flood. Do you know the difference between a flood watch and flood warning? A watch means a flood is possible while a warning means a flood is already occurring or can occur soon.
  • When floods do hit, don’t forget about your neighbors! Check in with them, especially if you have elderly residents.

If you have any questions on or need flood coverage, please call our agency today at 412-367-8810.

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