Diemert featured in Pittsburgh Business Times

This week, Rick Diemert, the owner and principal agent of Diemert Insurance, was featured in the Pittsburgh Business Times in an article about health care open enrollment.

The article discusses the lack of awareness of how many individual policies, roughly 100,000, are being cancelled starting January 1, and need to be rewritten by December 15. The fear is that people will miss open enrollment because they don’t realize they’re being cancelled, and then have to go without health insurance.

Enrolling before December 15 is also vital to people wanting subsidaries from the government. After that date, you can no longer apply.

You can read the full article here. Also if you haven’t already, we oblige you to look into your health care policy and see if it’s getting changed or cancelled. If you need any advice, please call one of our agents who are experts in the health care field, and can serve as advocates for you and your family.


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