Fit February: How To Continue Your Promise To Be Healthy In 2017

On average, 43% of New Year’s Resolutions make it past the first month. The top 10 resolutions of 2016 included “lose weight”, and “be fit and healthy”. Health should always be a priority, but it should go beyond just weight loss. We would like to invite you to think of health as not only physical but also mental. If you learn to love and take care of yourself, you will be happier and healthier.

Here are some small changes that can help you continue on your journey and sticking to healthy habits.

Get Your Mind Right

Being mentally healthy is just as important as being physically healthy. Below are some tips to help you chill out.

  1. Learn how to meditate or pray. Meditation helps de-stress you in a small amount of time. Practice with apps such as Headspace or Calm.
  2. Spend more time with family and friends. Strong social ties can help you live a longer and healthier live.
  3. Start a journal. Keeping a journal can be a safe release of your stress and helps improve mental health and self-esteem.

Get Fit

As life gets busy, workouts tend to be the first thing that slips.

  1. Find a workout buddy. Having a friend to workout with will motivate you and make exercising more fun.
  2. Make a plan and stick to it. If you write down your goals and schedule time into your busy schedule to prepare meals or take a workout class, it’s easier to hold yourself more accountable.
  3. Go online for support. There are tons of online communities and apps that can be your support system on your journey to a healthy lifestyle.

Sleep Matters

You have probably heard of “clean eating” but have you heard of clean sleeping? Gwyneth Paltrow’s new book discusses the benefits of sleep and how it can affect your waistline and energy levels. Here is how you can get better zzz’s:

  1. Remove electronics from the bedroom. The light from electronics promotes wakefulness, which is the exact opposite of what you need before bed.
  2. Skip late night snacks. Eating late at night forces your body to process food while sleeping, which can negatively affect sleep cycles.
  3. Aim to get 7-9 hours. This range is the sweet spot for the amount your body needs to be reenergized in the morning.

We hope these tips can make 2017 continue to be your healthiest year yet!



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