How to stay healthy in the workplace

Workplace wellness: why is it important? Because a healthy lifestyle reduces long term health costs, reduces stress, and is linked to increasing productivity. Healthy habits can also reduce your chance of common colds or other illnesses that are easily spread in an office environment.

It’s clearly important, but how do you create these healthy habits? We gathered some easy tips that can create a healthier work environment, thus giving you a healthier and better life.

Have healthy options available at all times. Working long hours means snack attacks are bound to happen. Fight these urges with healthy options such as granola bars nuts and fresh fruit.

Pack your lunch. Do you ever give in to ordering that cheeseburger for lunch, and then feel sluggish in the afternoon? It’s because unhealthy meals decrease your energy levels. Instead of being tempted, get in a routine of packing your lunch. It will boost your afternoon energy levels, save you money, and keep you healthier.

 Have to eat out? Choose wisely. Many restaurants have online menus that show you nutritional information. Glancing at this before you go can help you make smarter choices. You can also encourage your employees to go somewhere with healthy options. Speaking up will not only get you a healthier place to eat, but will also encourage your co-workers to eat better as well.

Move. This may be the most important tip because movement is key to maintaining health. Do not sit at your desk for your entire workday. Instead make small choices that get you moving such as take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk to your co-worker’s desk instead of emailing them, do desk exercises. Do anything to create frequent movement throughout the day!

Prevent germs from spreading. On average, it takes only 90 minutes for a workplace to be infected by cold or virus germs. To prevent the spreading of these germs, make sure your employer provides a range of hygiene products such as tissues, soap, disinfectant gels and wipes. Also make sure the office is cleaned frequently.

Create a wellness program. A wellness program is a plan established for employees that gives them incentives to be healthier at work. This could be anything from a free gym membership, to providing healthy snack options during meetings. Talk to your employer about creating one that fits your company culture.

Doing these small changes will make a huge difference in your health and wellness, which will improve your quality of life. Make these changes, and spread the word so others can improve their lives too!

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