Pennsylvania Safe Passing Laws – have you heard of them?

Drivers of automobiles and cyclists alike should be aware of the Pennsylvania Bicycle Passing Laws. This is a law unique to PA, as we are the only state enforcing it, as well as requiring drivers to slow down in this situation. Section 3303 of PA State law states that:

“The driver of a motor vehicle overtaking a bicycle traveling in the same direction, shall pass to the left of the cyclist within not less than four feet at a careful and prudent reduced speed.”

This law advises that drivers may not drive recklessly near or drive unnecessarily close to a bicyclist, and a driver turning right must yield to the right of way of a bicyclist proceeding straight.

It is both parties’ responsibility to adhere to rules while on the road. This particular rule is in place for the safety of the cyclist as it keeps the more vulnerable party safe. When driving in this situation, take time to follow these steps:

  • Slow down
  • Look for oncoming traffic
  • Cautiously move around the biker, giving them at least 4 feet of space

As a cyclist, here are some additional ways to protect yourself on the road:

  • Stay on the right side of the lane
  • Stay out of drivers blind spot
  • Stay alert, off of your phone, and able to listen for oncoming vehicles
  • Use clear signals
  • Wear bright clothing

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