Risk Management

Risk management analysisRisk management should not occur after a claim is made. That’s why we start our risk management analysis immediately. Our commercial team analyzes all aspects of your business, from how many employees you have to what type of equipment your business uses.

After a thorough research process, we assess what risks your company could potentially face. Diemert Insurance then creates a unique plan to manage those risks with unique coverages that best fit your analysis. Our goal is to create the safest work environment for you and your employees and decrease the risks as much as possible.

To get started on your risk management analysis for your business, please call our commercial team at 412-367-8810.


475941135Loss Control

Diemert Insurance works with you to create a loss control program for your individual business. Our goal is to minimize your risk and make your area as safe as possible to prevent claims.

We send representatives to thoroughly inspect your work area and work with you to identify loss sources. They will then give you advice on how to improve your area to become a safer environment for you and your employees and give you recommendations on how to do so.

To learn more call us at 412-367-8810.