Pittsburgh voted 5th Best City for Active Lifestyle (And How You Can Be Active Too)


Pittsburgh has been top of the ranks for many things in the past few years including “Most Livable City”, and “Smartest City in America“. Now Pittsburgh is ranked the “Fifth Best City for an Active Lifestyle“.

WalletHub determined this ranking through a study on the 100 most populated cities and compared 24 key metrics that relate to health goals. Examples of metrics analyzed include rate of fitness club fee, rate of people who engage in physical activity, and highest number of park playgrounds per capita.

Pittsburgh ranked fifth out of 100. You may be thinking that’s great for Pittsburgh, but what about my own personal fitness goals? We have some quick tips that can help you improve your health and fitness goals, so you can be part of Pittsburgh’s healthy lifestyle.

  • Follow Fittsburgh on social media or subscribe to their email newsletter. They are a company on a mission to make Pittsburgh a healthier place and will tell you everything from all the upcoming fitness events in the area, to the healthiest places to grab a post-workout snack.
  • Shop and eat locally. Use this interactive map from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette to find farmers markets locations.
  • Get moving with Pittsburgh Bike Share.  Once registered, bikes are available to use 24/7. You have the flexibility to rent and return the bike at different Bike Share stations that are located all over the Pittsburgh area. Make a habit to ride to work or explore new bike paths on the weekends!
  • Train for the Pittsburgh Marathon. This event has been gaining momentum for a while, but will be especially exciting this year because they are celebrating Pittsburgh’s 200th anniversary. The running route will go through 13 different Pittsburgh neighborhoods in honor of the anniversary.

What do you do to get healthy in the Pittsburgh area? Let us know!

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