Back to School Means Distracted Driving

The National Safety Council estimates one in four crashes involve cell phone distracted drivers. This could be because drivers using cell phones have a slower reaction time, and are four times as likely to be involved in a car crash.

Not only is texting and driving very dangerous, it’s also illegal in Pennsylvania. If you’re worried about your teens and distracted driving, there are many ways you can prevent them from making this mistake.

Here are three apps that can prevent your teen from texting and driving:

  1.  Canary: a safe driving app that notifies parents when teens are using their phones to text, call or use social media behind the wheel. It also alerts parents when teens are speeding or traveling in areas that are set as off limits
  2. Drivescribe: an app that blocks texts and calls while the car is in motion. Users can also earn points for safe driving.
  3. AT&T DriveMode: this app silences all calls, texts and emails while driving, and prevents the driver to read or type anything. Incoming texts are automatically replied to with a message saying the receiver is driving.

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